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Web developer, IT support specialist, and trainer, Tom shares his experiences and insights with small business people in IT decision making.


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Technology History

Geek History
Does the first person to put a new concept on paper always get credit for the invention?

At Geek History we aim to increase awareness, educate, and entertain, as we explore the origins of all things geek!


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The Tao of Questy

The Tao of QuestyIt's about sharing ideas and being a little bit crazy in order to stay sane.

Laugh a little, learn a little, and stretch your mind to new
dimensions, on the jounrney we call the Tao of Questy.


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Learning Technology

Geek Speak Made Simple
Need some help in understanding the buzz words of computer concepts and networking fundamentals?

With a knack of putting complex topics into simple terms, Tom tackes technology with the theme of "Geek Speak Made Simple."


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Altered Automotive Sample Site Gallery Alternate Version

Altered Automotive is going to be my online gallery of Automotive Innovation and Auto Museums.  Most of the articles with be a short story with a hand full of photos.  This is a prototype.

1) This is alternate version I was toying with a two column layout with larger 320 px thumbnail images.

Cool Car Photo #1
Cool Car Photo #2
Cool Car Photo #3
Cool Car Photo #4


Tech Guru Theme Updates

The first "sit down" with Adaptivethemes to see what is needed to create a Guru42 theme was pretty productive.  In one evening pretty much got the entire theme done.  Just some questions to answer on the heading area and scale down the font size a bit.

Seriously, I just starting updating sites to Drupal 7.44 and today 7.50 is released!  Seriously -->  drupal 7.50!  -->


Social Media best times for communications

Hootsuite articles says:

When to tweet-->

The Huffington Post: “For maximum retweets, post at 5 p.m., 12 p.m., and 6 p.m. Additionally, 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. also deliver higher click-through rates. The best days to Tweet for business-to-business organizations is Monday through Friday, for business-to-consumer it’s the weekends and Wednesdays.”

Hubspot: Between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Words and phrases

Words to use for bio

Motivated - ambitious, determined, fired up

Passionate - enthusiastic, fanatic, zealous

Creative - original, artistic, inventive, gifted

Driven - energetic, enthused, dedicated

Extensive experience - accomplished, trained, capable

Responsible - accountable, reliable, in control

Strategic - tactical, goal-oriented, purposeful

Track record - stats, accomplished, performance history

Organizational - structural, administrative, managerial

Expert - skilled, savvy, sharp

Does anyone care about wasting bandwidth anymore?

Use of, and waste of, bandwidth crosses many issues.  Should an end user be allowed to stream audio and video for non company business is a matter of employee resources (as in is the individual wasting time) as well as technology resources (as in is the individual wasting bandwidth).

I remember years ago seeing a tech magazine article where a CFO or CIO of a large corporation stated how much money he would save if he bought every employee a desktop radio rather than allow them to stream audio over the network.

Technology in education and the failure to communicate

In the 1960s Kay quit his career as a professional musician to focus on ARPA research, .

In the 1970s, Kay joined Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research Center, PARC. In the 1970s he was one of the key members there to develop prototypes of networked workstations

Kay said. "I've used the analogy of what would happen if you put a piano in every classroom. If there is no other context, you will get a "chopsticks" culture, and maybe even pop culture... 'the music is not in the piano.'"


Geek History

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