Cleaning up Drupal 7 and standardizing themes

Switching over to Adaptivetheme from Genesis.

Have done a lot of customization of Genesis theme but Genesis core is pretty much dead ----> Last modified: December 2, 2014 

Adaptivetheme actively being updated.

Immediate updates to some sites to Pixture Reloaded.

Pixture Reloaded is a re-colorable theme powered by Adaptivetheme and inherits all its features such as mobile support, highly configurable layout, responsive menus and many theme settings.

PR in D8 has received a bit of brush up in styles, no longer has a fixed height header and is more streamlined in terms of color options. The goal has been to make a theme that is cleaner looking, easier to modify and overall less effort to maintain.


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Map of layout for Adaptive Themes

Cell padding header

Change Pixture Reloaded fixed height header

FYI, the divs that you will probably want to change are:


look for css selectors


/* Set heights on branding and header elements */
#branding {
  max-height: 88px;
  line-height: 1;
#head-elements {
  min-height: 88px;



If you edit the style.css file in the /sites/.../files/color/ directory, it will get overwritten any time you save your configuration on the theme settings page.

Instead, you should edit the style.css file inside the /sites/.../themes/pixture_reloaded/ directory, and not in the /sites/.../files/color directory.

Then go to your /admin/build/themes/settings/pixture_reloaded page, scroll down to the bottom and click "Save Configuration".

The style.css inside the files/color/ directory is a temporary file that is made every time you save the configuration on the theme settings page. It copies whatever is in the themes/pixture_reloaded/style.css , so you should edit that file if you don't want your changes to be erased.




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