Does anyone care about wasting bandwidth anymore?

Use of, and waste of, bandwidth crosses many issues.  Should an end user be allowed to stream audio and video for non company business is a matter of employee resources (as in is the individual wasting time) as well as technology resources (as in is the individual wasting bandwidth).

I remember years ago seeing a tech magazine article where a CFO or CIO of a large corporation stated how much money he would save if he bought every employee a desktop radio rather than allow them to stream audio over the network.

During a recent surfing of the internet I could find a lot of info on increasing bandwidth, but nothing recent on conserving bandwidth.  Even searching on the forums here I did not turn up any recent conversations.

The average user sees bandwidth as an unlimited resource, probably never gives much thought to wasting it. That takes on a different perspective when you are sharing the pipe with hundreds of users.

What are your organization's policies for casual use of network resources? (Can I surf the net at lunch? Is it ever cool to use the network for non business activities?)

Like many of you I am "just the IT guy." Like many of you I try to stay out of personnel matters, like people "wasting bandwidth" for non business related matters.   However when end users start to complain, and the changes in usage are noticeable, you need to do your homework and prepare for what may come your way (as in having to enforce usage policies).


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