Drupal website building notes personal set up checklist

The notes here are from the perspective of someone building a site using Drupal. Everything posted in these pages are based on personal experiences, and in many cases based on opinions and ideas expressed on the Drupal website.

There may be a better way to do something, and I would like to know know about it. Connect with me via social media. Since these are somewhat brief notes, there may be a reason for why I have done something that needs more clarification, let me know. If you ever find anything in these pages that you feel is wrong, or do not understand, feel free to contact me.

If you have questions on site building and Drupal from the perspective of a business owner or manager looking for a content management or web building solution, check out this information on Content Management Systems at SmartTechnology.info. http://smarttechnology.info/cms

The website Philosophyguru's Drupal Playground at philosophyguru.org where is my online sandbox to test ideas and make notes on Drupal issues. The notes on this site are not a complete outline of issues, but represent a live notebook of sorts for recording ideas and issues.

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