The Guru 42 Universe and the World of Questy


The Guru 42 Universe websites use the Drupal content management system on a LAMP server platform. I have personally tested and used phpWebSite, PostNuke, Xoops, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, as well as a few less popular systems over the years, and settled on using Drupal as the preferred open-source content management framework.\ 

Much of the content for the Guru 42 Universe websites evolved from the The personal lessons learned as a community college instructor. Not everyone taking webmaster classes was there to be a technician or engineer. Many people took the classes to appreciate the topics covered so they could communicate more effectively with the technology folks they had to deal with in their roles as business professionals or managers.

The concept of Questy has been used by me, Tom Peracchio, as an alter ego, to represent myself for many years.

In April of 1997, I started a web site called the Tao and Zen of Questy, which became I figured the Tao of Questy could be the philosophical side of me. The original 10 or so pages were a collection of poems and songs I had written, with some photos of my kids used to illustrate them.

In 2006, my "Worlds of Questy" websites were not getting updated. Rather than having a bunch of websites that for the most part were abandoned, I decided to tear down the websites until I had a chance to rebuild them.

In 2008 as I began to rebuild my online world in Drupal with the Guru 42 Universe I brought "The Worlds of Questy" websites back to life with a Drupal based website.


Geek History