Web design and learning how to create a website sections updated

Learning Technology (ComputerGuru.Net) Webmaster Site Designer updated for better intro, new title and better intro, Learning how to create a website and web design tools .

Using Technology (SmartTechnology.Info) - New Title "Business Success Beyond Great Ideas and Good Intentions" and refocus introduction to small business stories.

Updated SmartTechnology.Info introduction to web building - New title "Learn how to make a website for small business success" and reworked text to better state objectives. Working on updating content management and Drupal related pages.

New GeekHistory will be rolling out soon, a lot of content cleanup underway.  Created new graphics and refocused two introductory pages, Explore who invented the internet and origins of all things geek and What is a Geek?

Need to check menus for consistency: Geek News | Learn Technology | Geek History | Geek Made Simple


Geek History